What is the reason you decided to work for MWP?I fully support the vision and approach of Mind Work Productions, which is important for me. I want to be the driving force behind change, by being straight to the point, but with a personal touch and a lot of fun.

What is your guilty pleasure?To put myself in situations where I must improvise.

Did you know that I …?I like to be on the road with my car and roof top tent.

If you’re having a bad day; what do you do to make yourself feel better?By doing sports where your endurance is tested, preferably until I have reached my limit. Yes, then I feel completely charged again!

What is the best advice you have ever received?That came from my grandfather when I was still in my teenage years: “do work that you think is awesome, but free time is even more valuable!”

What is your proudest achievement?Having colleagues, family, and friends around me that inspire me and who value me for who I am.

What has had an impact on you or has changed you?This one is still fresh in my mind. I offered emergency aid in Turkey to people affected by the earthquake. That made me aware again that sometimes my worries are so insignificant!